Sunday, February 22, 2009

photo day sunday

Today I found a heart shaped rock. I felt a little selfish about taking it home with me instead of leaving it for maybe someone else to look down and discover. I took it anyway.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Indian Summer at Indian Beach

My V-day was amazing by the way. Me and my boyfriend decided to head to the coast to find Canon beach packed to the gills (pun intended - gills - ocean - come-on). We ended up finding a very cool beach called Indian Beach located just north of Canon beach in Ecola State Park. $3 for the park. Only a handful of people were along this small beach in a rocky cove. We drank Tequila Sunrises and watched the sun set. Arf our dog is turning into the Buddah in her old age - she just sat and watched the waves. We left when it started to hail.

that mofo can write

While calamity jane in a slow burlesque plays catch in a bone yard way at the top of a two-legged mare it was a good night full of bad dreams with flat champagne and leaves in my hair, still shooting at birds with a violin bow first whisper your dreams in your children's ears making them safe as a hurricane dangling from a spider web and across the plate with a swing and a crack with just a skull for a ball and a leg-bone bat and all I remember are sparkle rocks, blue horses and flamingos as the train begins to slow and I always saw better when my eyes were closed.
-Tom Waits
from The Meaning of Life

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

photographic adventures!

The sun was shining, flares and light leaks were flying, what an amazing day at Oaks Park. The other day I joined a group of female photographers and we romped around and put on our best dead-pan stare - photographers make the best models don't you know! These ladies were even more geeked-out than me (in the best ways of course) with all their beautiful vintage cameras.

I took all the photos above but you should follow the link below to see the group pool of images:
Portland Photographic Adventures

Gocco Don't Go ;-(..

Ahhh Gocco, the miniature printer that makes screen printing accessible to the average crafter, oh how I'm going to miss you.

I finally revived from denial today about Gocco no longer shipping supplies to the U.S.. I realize I'm pretty late gathering and hording supplies but finally started the search today. So here's some information, not necessarily insightful for my first real blog entry but hopefully helpful to my fellow Gocco lovers.

Cheapest place for screens and bulbs I found: Gocco Screens and Bulbs

Cheapest seller of inks (on ebay but they have a bunch and it's "Buy It Now"): Gocco Ink

Much like our beloved Polaroid, the cost of the supplies are getting super spendy and are going to get even worse. Get them now! If you don't end up using them, I'm sure you'll be able to sell your stuff on ebay in a year for a killing.

The photo is of a "Thank You" card I made on the Gocco and the bowing guy is my very cooperative boyfriend Joseph. Here is a link to see a lot more awesome samples: Gocco Group Pool

Sunday, February 15, 2009

what's in a name...

So the name pineapple *surprise* comes from something that happened today. For the second time me and my boyfriend went to this Vietnamese restaurant here in Portland. The first time he ordered a noodle dish, the second time a curry. I ordered the Vegetable Pho both times. Both times, even though it was not listed on the menu, there was a single piece of pineapple buried in his dish. We started to wonder if they did this on purpose...

I'm a photographer, a collage artist, a crafter, a cook, a collector, a documenter, an examiner of life. I really want to start finding and exploring those "pineapple surprises" in my day and showing you what I learn.