Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gocco Don't Go ;-(..

Ahhh Gocco, the miniature printer that makes screen printing accessible to the average crafter, oh how I'm going to miss you.

I finally revived from denial today about Gocco no longer shipping supplies to the U.S.. I realize I'm pretty late gathering and hording supplies but finally started the search today. So here's some information, not necessarily insightful for my first real blog entry but hopefully helpful to my fellow Gocco lovers.

Cheapest place for screens and bulbs I found: Gocco Screens and Bulbs

Cheapest seller of inks (on ebay but they have a bunch and it's "Buy It Now"): Gocco Ink

Much like our beloved Polaroid, the cost of the supplies are getting super spendy and are going to get even worse. Get them now! If you don't end up using them, I'm sure you'll be able to sell your stuff on ebay in a year for a killing.

The photo is of a "Thank You" card I made on the Gocco and the bowing guy is my very cooperative boyfriend Joseph. Here is a link to see a lot more awesome samples: Gocco Group Pool

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