Tuesday, April 14, 2009

as good as it gets

I thought this week felt uneventful but in retrospect it was pretty interesting after all. Tuesday was Roller-Disco at Oaks Park, and yes, after years of not being on skates I can still skate backwards. I held Josephs hand during couples skating and I felt 13 again. Friday I got a freakin' awesome new dog. It was a cinematic moment, after I fell in love with the dog a day before I found out that someone else was already lined up to adopt him, I was heart-broken. They told me to come in the next day to do an interview anyway because there was a chance they wouldn't follow through or there would be problems with the application process. I did go in and had an interview, I was about ready to leave dogless when someone popped their head in and said that the person that was first in line to adopt the dog called and said that their landlord wouldn't let them have a dog. I was in utter shock with butterflies in my stomach. We now have a dog named Balls Barkely. He's just going to go by Barkley though, especially in public. Can you imagine "Here Balls...Come!" Our other dog Arf is adjusting slowly, liking the little guy a little more each day, their starting to wrestle a bit so I think it's going to work out great. Friday night my friend Sharon came over and we drank and watched Ghost Hunters International episodes. If you didn't know I was a nerd before, you know now. Saturday we had people over to listen to the Flaming Lips "Zairekka" Album. For those who are not in the know this is an album with 4 different discs intended to be played on 4 different stereos simultaneously. We had some pretty great "systems" set up and it was amazing. Panning, echoes, traveling voices, call and response of voices and instruments amongst the 4 stereos, we were surrounded by a sea of sound. Sunday we climbed the mountain we call Mt. Tabor.

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