Tuesday, April 14, 2009

getting annoyed with poladroid

So a lot of people out there are abusing this hot program called Poladroid. Especially bloggers, using it so all of their photos look cool. In this desktop program you just drag and drop your photo onto it and after a 2 minute wait or so (they have to make it realistic!) slowly fades in your image with a few old Polariod effects and the trademark white framing. It's often not done well though, call me crazy but it should be treated like any other artistic process to be used appropriately. My friend Cameron was the one that introduced me to this program. I think her images are really great and even though it is kinda cheating, she does it well so who cares. I think what she does that makes it work so great is that she is taking the original photos with her camera phone. The camera phone has a small aperture and low resolution and matches well with the lack of depth of field that the original Polariod has. Using the camera phone also matches the spontaneous feel of Polariods. The awesome photos above are all images of Cameron Jones.

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  1. I used Poladroid for the first time to convert the images I captured during my trip to the Philippines. The country is incredibly poverty-stricken and Poladroid really helped bring the mood of it come through photo, even though it's fake since I shot with my Canon 5D. I actually own a Polaroid, but no more film since it's scarce nowadays.