Monday, March 16, 2009

a flippin speakeasy

A little while back me and my boyfriend got a call from a friend "Come meet me, I'm at a freakin' speakeasy". Of course we went. Our friend met us at a street corner and lead us into the back door of a nearby house into a basement. At a handcrafted bar by the people sitting at it there was an amazing crew of people, everyone wanted to know how you found out about the place and where you were from. The beer on tap was brewed there in the basement, and then people just brought in exotic beers from all over the world to pass around. It was one of the patrons birthday, the wife of the owner brought down a cake she just made upstairs. Dean had been running the place for 6 years he said. You put a donation in a box for your drinks, maybe that's how they keep out of too much trouble. Everyone wanted to be your friend especially the wild irishman - amazing time.

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