Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm floating to the moon

Last week I really needed a break and needed to push my reset button (I'm imagining the gray and red button on the original Nintendo here) so I spent the day at Common Ground spa having a "float" steam and sauna. The floatation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks eliminate light, sound, gravity, and temperature. Everything our body uses to perceive the world is for the most part eliminated and the mind is free to relax. With 800 lbs of epsom salts in 200 gallons of water you don't have to worry about sinking, maybe just salt to the eye. After that, plus the steam and sauna (wet heat then dry heat is really supposed to detox you or something), I kind of felt like the blobfish I blogged about. Afterwards I wandered the streets of Portland with crazy salt hair, got some vegan gelato, bought my first Sci-Fi novel, and told a vintage shop owner about the world of floating. She said I looked really relaxed.

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